About Yoni stones


Yoni Stones are vaginal weights crafted from gemstones and shaped like eggs. Yoni stones have many great benefits, they naturally and safely strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, augment your kegel exercises, help facilitate proper movement needed to build up vaginal muscles, strengthen weak bladders due to incontinence, help repair and prevent prolapsed uterus condition, help recover vaginal tightness after childbirth, enhance vaginal elasticity, and increase vaginal sensitivity which can enhance sensations during intimacy.


Choosing Your Stone

Yoni Stones can be found in a variety of gemstones, there is really no wrong or right answer in choosing a gemstone that is right for you. Some are strong believers that each stone carries certain healing properties which can enhance the overall use of the stone. Whether you choose a gemstone because you are drawn to its healing properties or because you thought it was beautiful, there’s really no wrong choice.

Drilled Stones

Yoni stones that have a hole drilled into them so a string can be put through  are known as Drilled. Since there is no reason for the string (It is NOT possible for the stone to get stuck) we do not sell drilled stones. Stones that are drilled can carry bacteria and are unsanitary to use, and therefore are not safe for our customers. Yoni Stones are non porous objects so they cannot collect bacteria, but once a hole (pore) is drilled into them they then become porous and bacteria can collect in the pore.  


Stone size

Our stones are suited for beginners as well as advanced users and are medium in size, around 45mm each. 


This is a concern for many women, but the stone will not get stuck inside of you, no one has ever gotten a stone stuck inside of them, some women even have sex with their yoni stone inserted. There's no reason to fear the stone getting stuck, always remember, what goes up, must come down. The stone can travel up to your cervix but naturally comes back down the vaginal canal. Fear, anxiety, and nervousness causes the muscles to tighten and contract, making the stone harder to pass; staying relaxed while removing your stone is key. Some women find soaking in a hot bath, which relaxes the body and mind makes removing the stone an easy, simple process.  


Once you receive your Yoni Stoni you should wash it in warm water with a gentle soap. Do not use scolding hot water or you may cause damage to the stone. We also recommend a warm soap wash after each use. Stones should be stored in a cool dry place when they are not being used.